Are you prepared for your medically complex patient?

Dentistry is serious business. Patient care is serious business. You should expect a serious system to be with you throughout your career. Prepare yourself and your staff for managing patients with complex conditions taking multiple medications.

Our medical analytics, included in all Dental Symphony accounts, gives you an overview and deep dive into the health of your patients.

With the analytic data collected from your patients and organized in your Dental Symphony account, you’re going to quickly have the ability to see which major medical diseases are most common in your practice and what the top medications are that your patients are taking.

Knowing the overall health of your patient community gives you the power to better understand which diseases are most prevalent inside your practice, how those diseases can affect dental treatment and any clinical concerns relating to drug descriptions.

Dental Symphony’s active Clinical Team has developed a specialized knowledge base that offers you what you need to know, precautions you should take, and advice on how to avoid and manage problems during patient care, allowing you to speak more confidently to your patient’s physician.

Point of Care Support Library

By asking what is important for the dentist to know at the point-of-care, with Dental Symphony you’re not only going to know what medications and diseases are coming into your practice but we also provide the ability to deep dive into this diseases and medications in our Point of Care Library.

There is nothing like the feeling of being prepared.

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