Dr. Cockerell explains pre-clinical assessment inside our online forms

What do you really know about your patients? Having online forms that speak to the seriousness of dentistry is what you should expect in today’s world-not just online forms that provide a basic necessity to your practice.

Dr. Tom Cockerell, CEO & founder of Dental Symphony’s clinically advanced products, explains our unique pre-clinical assessment inside our online forms and presentation accounts.

Dr. Cockerell is a practicing dentist for over 40 years. His practice specializes in special care patients.

When I was in dental school we had two years of “pre-clinical” education before we worked on patients during the 3rd and 4th years. That period was called the preclinical time. 

In Dental Symphony we refer to our services as broadly grouped in the preclinical time required for working up a patient for care and before the administration of anesthesia (if you’re doing that) and performing operative procedures.  

It involves reviewing the medical and dental history, the medications the patient takes as well as social history. 

Using our unique medical history summary, you and your staff have access to in-depth information about complicated medical conditions, drug descriptions as well as physician insight if needed. This summary is automatically created for every patient and ready to review before the patient arrives at the office.

sample patient medical history summary

The primary considerations of the pre-clinical assessment time are confirming safe access for manipulation in the oral cavity, assessing the cognitive abilities of the patient, learning if there are hemostasis issues, susceptibility to infection, if there is unstable disease, the stress tolerance and any drug interactions of concern.  

Finally the pre-clinical activity is when one determines if there is possibility of an adverse event during treatment and if the clinician’s standard operating protocol must be modified to mitigate adverse events and work for an ideal outcome.

Enabling the preclinical activity is an important feature that Dental Symphony provides within every online registration or presentations account.

After the pre-clinical assessment period and review, now what?

We are the only online forms company that provides point of care support libraries maintained by an active clinical team to deep dive into complicated medical conditions and how conditions or risk factors might affect dental treatment.

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