Move patients into treatment faster with Presentations

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when patients feel at ease at the dentist, it is easier to move them into necessary treatment.

What if you could, with just a few button clicks, move more patients into treatment faster? With our revolutionary Presentations, you can do just this!

Our revolutionary patient Presentations legally protect your practice by providing all the essential elements required in a patient work-up, as well as eases patient anxiety by providing educational videos and information for every patient seen.

example patient standard exam video

You can create, customize and tailor many different options including:

  • Welcoming new patients into your practice
  • Present exam findings and risks of not seeking care
  • Support hygienist with recall presentations
  • Provide teledentistry reports to patients
  • Add your own videos about your practice

Once the presentation is created it can be shown in the chair, texted or emailed to the patient. If the patient needs more time to decide on going forward, then they have 24/7 access to this presentation from the patient portal.

We understand that building strong relationships between your patients and your staff is a critical and rewarding part of your job. When your patients have a full understanding of how you are going to make them well, they are more equipped to make faster decisions, allowing you to move more patients into treatment.

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