A conversation discussing how office clipboards are now obsolete

Watch Dr. Cockerell and VP of Products at Prosites, Keith Washington discuss how COVID-19 has made office clipboards obsolete. One of the biggest changes is how patient information is collected, organized and shared. With speed to chair and virtual waiting rooms becoming critical, clipboards and paper copies are no longer acceptable.

Dental Symphony in use at Touro College of Dental Medicine

We are proud to announce that Dental Symphony's online forms are being used in the patient clinic at Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College. A perfect fit as Dental Symphony was created by dentists for dentists, in order to harken back to the formative experiences of dental students in the school setting.

Move patients into treatment faster with Presentations

We understand that building strong relationships between your patients and your staff is a critical and rewarding part of your job. When your patients have a full understanding of how you are going to make them well, they are more equipped to make faster decisions, allowing you to move more patients into treatment.

Introducing Dental Symphony Suite

We are celebrating the new year by releasing Dental Symphony Suite! Suite combines the power of our clinically advanced online patient registration with our NEW revolutionary patient Presentations tool.

COVID-19 cases are on the rise again

What you'll find with Dental Symphony is a product ready built for the situation we all find ourselves in right now; offering vital clinical information tailored for every patient and then summarized for you and your staff.

Dental Symphony Announces Partnership with Prosites

We are happy to announce that Dental Symphony has partnered with Prosites Web Design and Marketing. Please read the PRESS RELEASEĀ to learn more about this exciting partnership and how together, we save time and money by making dental offices more efficient and ensure patient safety. Excerpts from the Press Release: This new partnership leverages synergies … Continue reading Dental Symphony Announces Partnership with Prosites

4 Possible Consequences of Not Having A Current Medical History

A common challenge that all of my colleagues and I face is to make sure that our patientsā€™ medical and pharmacology histories are up to date and accurate. This is important because many of the common services offered by dentists are surgical in nature. And any surgery must be performed with exact information in hand. … Continue reading 4 Possible Consequences of Not Having A Current Medical History