Complex Medical History = Time and Stress?

My new patient has arrived and presents her medical history. Let’s see….there are checks by these history questions: diabetes, heart disease, heart surgery, angina, bleeding disorder, neurological problems, lung disease and prosthetic joint replacement. She takes nine medications and reports an allergy to penicillin. A history with this complexity might seem destined to increase my … Continue reading Complex Medical History = Time and Stress?

Howard Farran interviews Dr. Christensen

Recently I heard an intriguing interview with Dr. Gordon Christensen by Dr. Howard Farran. This podcast sparked two radically different ideas I thought I would share. First thought: Dr. Christensen does an exceptional job of going through a brief overview of relevant issues in dentistry. In responding to Dr. Farran’s questions, Dr. Christensen names areas of … Continue reading Howard Farran interviews Dr. Christensen