4 Possible Consequences of Not Having A Current Medical History

A common challenge that all of my colleagues and I face is to make sure that our patients’ medical and pharmacology histories are up to date and accurate. This is important because many of the common services offered by dentists are surgical in nature. And any surgery must be performed with exact information in hand. … Continue reading 4 Possible Consequences of Not Having A Current Medical History

Identifying “Predatory” Journals

I, like many dentists in private practice, am presented daily with a number of professional reading options: printed journals and newsletters, online journals and online communities offering blogs, articles and advertisements.  Hopefully altogether these provide a group of learning sources that keep one clinically sharp, enlightened and stimulated and this range of information from systematic reviews to opinion and surveys … Continue reading Identifying “Predatory” Journals

Complex Medical History = Time and Stress?

My new patient has arrived and presents her medical history. Let’s see….there are checks by these history questions: diabetes, heart disease, heart surgery, angina, bleeding disorder, neurological problems, lung disease and prosthetic joint replacement. She takes nine medications and reports an allergy to penicillin. A history with this complexity might seem destined to increase my … Continue reading Complex Medical History = Time and Stress?