Top Five: Why I’m Thankful to be a Modern Dentist

Despite the many challenges and changes each year brings (and 2016 has been no exception), we can always think about what we have to be thankful for.

For me personally, this includes becoming a grandfather for the first time! But I’ve also been able to continue practicing dentistry and serving my patients’ needs, and I have seen our work with Dental Symphony continue to grow and make real impacts for dentists around the country. Dentistry continues to evolve and I am continually impressed by our increasing ability to care for our patients.

While thinking about this era of new and exciting technology, I came up with my top five reasons for why I’m thankful to be a modern dentist:

  1. The ability to treat my patients with the help of a pre-clinical analysis system that provides me critical medical and drug information when I need it.
  2. The ability to save my staff time and undue headaches by using online patient registration. (No more paper!)
  3. The ability to save time and eliminate frustration for my patients by letting them register online before their appointment.
  4. The chance to offer these real advances that make life easier to other dentists.
  5. The Dallas Cowboys are 9-1!  (This one might just be gloating…)

I wish all of you a family-filled and happy Thanksgiving. Let’s go make some memories!


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