Patient Care is Serious Business

“A little too cute” is a phrase that gets thrown around our development office. Software for the medical and dental industry is normally created by software designers and not by the people actually trying to use the software, and thus, it gets a “little too cute” (in our humble opinion!).

Not so with Dental Symphony, which was and continues to be designed by a practicing dentist and clinical team made up of leaders in the dental and medical field.

Patient care is serious business. Dentistry is serious business.

Tom Cockerell DDS, is our CEO. He created and followed through with the vision of Dental Symphony, to “listen, respond and invent” for ways to modernize and improve the patient work-up.

Dr. Cockerell brought together our Clinical Team to address the serious, wide scope of patient care and to do it better than the others.

Dental Symphony fills in the foundational clinical gaps of information left out of current software and other form providers.

Most of the improvements in life expectancy have resulted from reductions in infectious diseases among infants and children. The decline in mortality rates for these major killers has been attributed to improvements in public health efforts, medical technologies, and standards of living and hygiene.

Due to technological advancements in the medical field, people are generally living longer and living longer with diseases that have to be managed. Now more than ever Dentists need better information about every kind of disease, disease combination, drug information etc to safely and effectively treat their medically complex patients.

Dr. Michael Glick, member of Dental Symphony’s Clinical Team and immediate past editor of JADA, created a system to assign labels to medically complex patients.

sample patient

This system, to quickly evaluate your medically complex patients (the MCS system), allows for an at-a-glance patient assessment for key risk factors like alerts, dental clinical concerns related to medications, as well as the patient’s caries risk and frequency of tobacco use.

With the MCS system you can rank all of your patients, or just those you choose, according to medical complexity to determine quickly if you should modify your standard regimen of care.

With Dental Symphony you are able to treat your patients more safely, competently and confidently.