Introducing Dental Symphony Suite

Happy New year indeed! Already in 2021, there is a sense of relief filling the world, in the air and in dental offices. We have seen COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out into people’s arms.

As this is something to celebrate, we are celebrating by releasing a new product that will enhance and elevate your practice and your patients’ online experience at your office.

Our new product, Dental Symphony Suite, combines the power of our clinically advanced online patient registration and our new revolutionary patient Presentations tool.

Our new product inside Suite called Presentations, legally protects your practice by providing you all the essential elements to support your treatment plan. From presenting contactless hygiene reports, to welcoming your new patients, Presentations educates your patients, eases patient anxiety and increases your case acceptance!

Inside every Presentation you can choose to present our unique medical history summary to every patient by using our online patient registration system. The medical history summary is automatically created when a patient submits their medical history form on our HIPAA secure patient portal.

sample patient

Our sophisticated online clinical tools reduce the tediousness of daily tasks by automating them therefore making your staff and patients happy to come to the office every day!

Our vital clinical support included in Suite:

  • Unique Medical History Summary
  • Medical Complexity Ranking System (created by Michael Glick, D.M.D.)
  • Emergency Response System
  • Medical and Drug libraries
  • COVID-19 & Teledentistry support
  • Demographic & Clinical Analytics

Along with this new product to start the new year, we also are releasing a new website! You’re going to learn more about our vision, mission and goals as a company, more about our unique clinical approach and all of the powerful products inside Dental Symphony Suite!

Visit for more information!