COVID-19 cases are on the rise again

COVID fatigue is real. However, with cases on the rise all across the world, we have to stay vigilant in protecting ourselves, our staff, our patients, our friends, our neighbors and our family.

Here are some wonderful coping mechanisms from the National Institute of Mental Health addressing mental and COVID-19 fatigue.

image curtesy of the National Institute of Health

Dental Symphony, from it’s most organic, most original state, is built on the task of keeping your patient safe. In short, we keep your patient and practice safe even before the point-of-care. Are we the only company with some clinical information, of course not.


Are we the company created by dentists and physicians with the safety of your patient and your practice in mind? Are we the company that takes a deep dive in complicated medical conditions of your patient?

You bet we are!

What you’ll find with Dental Symphony is a product ready built for the situation we all find ourselves in right now; offering vital clinical information tailored for every patient and then summarized for you and your staff.

This need to know information comes to you before the patient even steps into your office.

sample patient

Our system defaults to ‘no’ or ‘within normal limits’, so you see first the need-to-know information like alerts in red at the top followed by anything reported by the patient based on each medical system.

sample patient

Our unique medical history summary hearkens back to the formative learning style of dentists.

The world has had to adapt yet again to a novel virus. Thankfully, our wonderful scientists and front line healthcare workers are working overtime trying to keep us safe.

You have enough to worry about when it comes to your business. At Dental Symphony, we are working to keep you, your practice, your staff and your patients safe.