WorthWhile, Inc and Dentisoft Technologies announce partnership through ePerioCare App

Recent Press Release from Worth While Inc

WorthWhile, Inc. and Dentisoft Technologies announce partnership to bring Dentisoft customers Dental Symphony’s ePerioCare.

Fort Worth, TX- Dental Symphony’s online software module, ePerioCare, has partnered with the practice management system Dentisoft, to provide seamless access to its innovative clinical features.  One of five clinical modules by Dental Symphony, e PerioCare improves periodontal disease management. Dentisoft users can now access Dental Symphony’s ePerioCare module directly from their Dentisoft account for a special discounted rate.

About Dental Symphony by WorthWhile Inc.

Dental Symphony is a set of online-based clinical modules created by WorthWhile Inc. and is unique in the clinical functionality it provides. Dental Symphony’s five modules include ePatient, eExam, ePerioCare, eTreatment Planner and eRecommendations.  As the science of dentistry progresses so does Dental Symphony’s commitment to make its modules usable, useful, trustworthy and undergirded by sound clinical methodology and evidence-based studies. The modules can be used independently or alongside dental practice management systems.

About Dentisoft Technologies

Dentisoft is an online dental practice management application committed to expanding the scope of traditional systems and the business of healthcare through the use of the internet. Dentisoft’s product line includes practice management systems, interactive search directories, e-marketing, and website hosting.


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