Dentisoft Technologies offers Dental Symphony Periodontal App Integration

Dentisoft offers Dental Symphony Periodontal app (ePerioCare) integration for advanced periodontal charting.

Dentisoft Technologies, makers of Dentisoft Office Cloud, the web’s leading cloud-based dental practice management system is pleased to announced that it now offers the advanced periodontal charting app, ePerioCare, as part of its app store. ePerioCare now integrates seamlessly with Dentisoft’s patient chart giving dental offices a simplicity in managing periodontal disease that hasn’t existed before now.  “ePerioCare is clearly best-of-breed in the periodontal space, so we are excited to be able to give our users access to such a powerful tool”, says Eric Wasserman Chief Operating Officer. “We have continued to strive to keep our core practice system fees to a minimum, while offering efficient and inexpensive add-ons.  At $34.99/mo. the advanced periodontal system from Dental Symphony provides innovative features like Mass Charting that lets you literally chart in seconds and historical reporting and analysis.”

“The Dentisoft Office Cloud platform is unique because it offers dentists access to an eco-system of apps which enhance the core practice of dentistry. We have been very impressed with their approach and are planning further integrated features with their platform”, says Dr. Tom Cockerell, CEO of Worthwhile Inc., creator of Dental Symphony. By creating a modular approach to the dental EMR market, Dentisoft and Dental Symphony are driving a fundamental shift in the way dental offices are managed.

Dentisoft Technologies is also the company behind, one of the web’s leading dental consumer sites. Dentists who sign up for DentistDirectory not only receive lead traffic, but their patient can access a fully interactive consumer portal which communicates in a secure fashion with Dentisoft Office Cloud. “The consumer portal was the first app we made available to users, and now we have thousands of transactions a day flowing through the site”, says Wasserman. Dentists can make patient history and billing available to their patients online in addition to appointment scheduling and automated confirmations. “The new clinical features like ePeriocare really enhance the dentists ability to engage with their patients for the betterment of their oral health”.

Dentisoft Technologies is a private company headquartered in Chevy Chase MD. Founded in 2008, Dentisoft’s cloud product is the nation’s longest servicing SAAS solution for dentists.

Dental Sympony is a set of online-based clinical modules created by WorthWhil, Inc. and is unique in the clinical functionality it provides.  Dental Symphony’s five modules include ePatient, eExam, ePerioCare, eTreatment Planner and eRecommendations and offer exciting features including online registration and clinical work-up, advanced periodontal charting and analysis, and automated treatment planning.  The modules can be used independently or alongside dental practice management systems.  WorthWhile, Inc. is a private company based in Fort Worth Texas.

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