Pre-Clinical Workup: My Favorite Dental Symphony Feature (This Week!)

Every day I enjoy knowing that dentists across the U.S. are using Dental Symphony. As a practicing dentist, a member of the Clinical Team and lead designer of Dental Symphony, I know we really are determined to provide a service that makes practice easier, faster, and safer.

Activity begins on the east coast, as offices review notifications from their patients’ online registrations and hygienists analyze periodontal chartings as they begin work on their patients.  Morning moves across the United States and by 10:30 AM the west coast is starting to use Dental Symphony too. These clinical staffs that are using ePatient’s health history summaries and automatically personalized Point of Care Center reminds me that they have the best help in caring for their patients safely and confidently. That’s pretty cool!

For each patient, you get a customized health history report highlighting critical risks and positive findings. Automatically!

For each patient, you get a customized health history report highlighting critical risks and positive findings. Automatically!

I like to say that Dental Symphony’s features are deep and wide. For me, after several years of relying on ePatient’s medical history summary, I must admit that I cannot fathom how I practiced without it. Many of my colleagues that use the system have said the same thing. Relying on ePatient’s “pre-clinical workup” of every patient has become second nature, and every day it has a real impact on my clinical thinking.

Drug descriptions, drug interaction or reaction information, disease summaries, and helpful links make it so easy to apply my best clinical judgement. Especially these days in which patients are living longer with complex diseases, making the appropriate choices is critical. This is definitely my favorite feature of Dental Symphony!

(For this week at least!)


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Dental Symphony offers ePatient: the only HIPAA compliant Online Patient Registration System with the exclusive “Pre-Clinical Analysis” tool.

ePatient was created by Dentists for Dentists and is easily adaptable for any type of practice with free customization.

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