A Dentist’s Thanksgiving List

Ruminating on Thanksgiving and the many things I am thankful for had me thinking about a list of things that continue to make dental appointments great experiences…

On behalf of my patients I am thankful for:

  • local anesthesia so I can take care of patients pain free
  • The high speed drill so I can treat patients quickly
  • The laser so I can treat patient’s gums gently
  • Same day crowns
  • implants that restore chewing ability and smiles and truly change lives
  • amalgam (silver type) fillings that are economical, quick and available throughout the world
  • composite (tooth colored) fillings that are not so economical and available to the lucky few
  • Impression pastes that are ultra fast setting
  • Digital scanning wands that make impressions obsolete
  • Digital x rays that reduce exposure to x rays
  • Digital CAT scan x rays that improve diagnostic capabilities and perfect placement of implants
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • A nice selection of magazines in the reception room
  • A fantastic staff that work diligently day in and day out providing care for patients
  • Computer software that allows me to design a crown five minutes after treating the tooth
  • Dental specialists that support the general practice of dentistry with exquisite skills
  • Electronic health records that give information at my fingertips
  • A robust community of academic researchers that continue to provide support for improving treatment outcomes
  • American business enterprises that deliver products to the office that we need to take care of patients
  • Nearby EMS teams that are ready for any office emergencies
  • Competent physicians who provide consultations for our patients regarding the impact of diseases
  • Pharmacies that provide antibiotics, pain medication, steroids and other medications
  • My custodial staff that makes sure the office is clean, tidy and safe
  • Oxygen
  • Vital sign monitors
  • An Anesthesiologist that will come to the office to help my patients
  • Online education
  • Dental colleagues who give willingly of their expertise


These are just some of the many things that help us take care of patients.  Without them dental appointments would not be nearly as palatable.  Yes that was a pun.

Happy Thanksgiving.