Staff Picks: Best Posts of 2015!!


Here we are coming to the end of another annum and the earth is finishing the last few miles of her yearly trek. This is the perfect chance to recall some of our favorite blog posts of 2015. Thank you to all of our loyal readers and for checking back for the latest content. If you think we’ve missed a post you liked, let us know in the comments!

Here is our top 5 countdown:

5.  CATS: Your New Favorite Pet! – This makes the list for the picture alone (click on the link to see it), but also because “Critically appraised topics” are a great idea and useful. Cheers to UTHSCSA!

4.  Why We Need Modern Dental Software and Interoperability – Here Dr. Cockerell envisions how clinical dental software should be more helpful in aiding continuity in a single practice and across multiple practices.

3. Population Trends and The Modern Dentist – It’s a fact that people are living longer and with chronic disease. In this post Dr. Cockerell explores the implications of this for dentistry and what specific questions practitioners face regularly that impact care.

2. Planes, Terrains, and Perio-Charting Skills – Imagine yourself flying a plane through a heavy fog. Your altimeter says you’re at 5k feet above sea level, which seems pretty high when you think about it. But what if you’re flying in Colorado!? Here Dr. Cockerell muses that periodontal charting should not be like this!

1. Faux Online Forms – Everyone has online forms for patient registration, no? Find out what the difference is between true online patient registration and last century’s “online forms”.

Check back after the new year, we’re excited to post new content. Only about 584 million miles to go until the “Best of 2016”! Happy new year!