Medical History’s Impact on Dental Care: How to manage the information!

A common dental challenge that I face, and hear about from my colleagues, is keeping up with the medical and pharmacology histories of each patient. When my patient first registers they fill out a health questionnaire. But their information can quickly change, and as you can imagine keeping up a paper record is cumbersome.

While patients don’t realize the seriousness of the issue, not knowing their current medical information can be hazardous. At any given time I have several patients that have had a prosthetic joint replacement, creating a potential for bacteria to cause an infection in the joint if they undergo certain dental care. It is crucial to be able to keep patient records up to date and easy to access, so that antibiotics can be prescribed when they are necessary.

About a decade ago I was realizing that the available software just did not make tracking patient heath easy, and the basic premise of Dental Symphony was conceived. Since then, my team and I have developed ePatient’s Point of Care Center, which analyzes the patient’s health and can tell me if there has been a joint replacement, when it was put in place, allergies to antibiotics that the patient has, along with other pertinent information to ensure the best possible care.

A patient’s medical history is of critical importance, but there are other benefits to ePatient as well. It saves my and my staff’s time by allowing for the easy collection of a medical history and then by pre-screening the patient’s history. Then it automatically provides sources of information regarding the decisions I must make for prophylactic care where it can be easily understood and acted upon.


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