Your First Day in Practice: Patient #1

With a new class of dentists just graduating from dental school all around the U.S., it seems apropos to think about what it will be like for them to begin practicing. As a former new dentist, I know it’s an exciting time that can also be quite daunting. Let’s consider four different types of patients a new dentist may very well experience on his or her first day in practice.

Your Very First Patient: Your first patient sits gets seated in the dental chair, and while reviewing the medical history you note that she takes these medications: Omnaris, Enbrel, Evista, Amiodarone and Byetta. Will you know them and their implications to dental care? Likely, but you may want to review the pharmacology. With other patients in the chair, others in the waiting room, and an office manager eager to be on schedule, where do you turn for quick accurate information to help you care for this patient? There are no more teachers or mentors standing beside you to help guide your decisions. Her care and safety is entirely up to you. In the past, your options were searching through your memory or a pharmacology text. But what was certain was that your software did not help you with this question. It keeps all of your patient’s information and it is a primary place you go to learn about her, so wouldn’t it make sense to see that critical clinical information there?

My Solution Using Dental Symphony: This sort of scenario is exactly why that inspired me to want more clinical support from my software. It was obvious to me that every dentist can benefit here, whether it’s patient #1 or patient #10,000. One of the benefits of going into practice today are the software options like Dental Symphony that can support your clinical work like never before. This is how Dental Symphony helps quickly see the drug implications for your patient taking these four drugs:

  • See the patient’s record quickly using the automatically summarized reports.
  • Presents a description of each drug and its implication to dental care. The information is placed in the record automatically when the patient completes their forms.
drug images

Example drug descriptions

The next three posts in this series will explore three different types of patients a new dentist might see on their first day in practice!


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