Your First Day In Practice: Patient #4

In this series we have been considering different types of cases a new dentist might see on her very first day of practice and how the clinical software used ought to enable her care in these situations.  The other three profiles can be found here, here and here.

Getting started in your career as a practitioner is a very exciting time, and you will face many questions and challenges in delivering treatment that you will not expect. Choosing a nice office, welcoming and efficient staff, quality business systems, and providing great care are all important priorities. But do not forget about your clinical software.

Your fourth patient:

He is thirty-five and has a mouth full of restored teeth and caries in nearly every one. He has pain daily and occasional “swelling”. He says he wants implants. His brother had it done and he wants to know what you can do for him. Cost is not an issue.

You conclude that implant-retained prosthetics is his best option. The patient’s risk for recurrent caries is high and the long-term prognosis for individual tooth restoration is guarded. You decide to offer several plans. Your preferred plan is implant-retained fixed hybrid prosthesis. The second option is for implant-retained removable prosthesis. The third is for single-tooth single-crown implants in every site. Your least favorite option in this case is full-mouth rehabilitation using crowns.

Your responsibility – Review the medical history, medication list and dental history. Complete the patient record with charting, examination forms, photographs, radiographs and study models. Prepare to present the treatment options to your patient.

Solution Using Dental Symphony:

  • Review the health history previously collected online as it relates to care
  • Quickly chart a healthy periodontium
  • Chart hard tissue and automatically generate the treatment plan options:
    • Extractions, eight implants in the maxilla, six in the mandible (you choose how many), maxillary and mandibular fixed hybrid prosthetics ~ $38,000.00
    • Extractions, four implants in the maxilla, four implants in the mandible (you choose how many), maxillary and mandibular removable prosthetics ~ $20,000.00
    • Extractions, fourteen implants in the maxilla, fourteen implants in the mandible with crowns on each. ~ $72,000
    • A complete rehabilitation of the teeth using conventional crown and bridge procedures ~ $30,000.00
  • Create the “PATIENT CARE PACKET” informing your patient about his options, risks, consents, patient education materials, preventive dental information, alternatives, post-operative requirements.
  • Create the referral letters if necessary.

Without a system that helps prepare these elaborate options for care, the time required is significant.  These days, and especially for new dentists, having a system that supports the clinical side of dentistry is just as important as having a good practice management system.


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